E-mobility is gaining increasing importance. All major players in the automotive industry are seeking for new innovative solutions to shape the transportation of the future and answer the ecological challenges we are facing today.
ADDEV Materials, as a converter, is here to provide you the best customized solutions for batteries, electrical motors and fuel cells by converting foams, tapes and technical films. As experts in materials,
we provide technical and tailor-made solutions to bring you the best performances, always.

NEW HEATING FILM: ADDEV Materials in partnership with DuPont™ is developing a high value-added solution on the electric, hydrogen vehicles and thermal management markets to extend battery life
and bring the battery up to temperature. A greener, lighter, more resistant proposal.
Our team will support your projects by providing you tailor-made prototypes.
-Fast heating for batteries cells
-Better safety : reduce risks of failures
-Bring temperature homogeneity in fuel cells &
OTHER APPLICATIONS : Heating solutions for
vehicles interiors

As experts, our industrial capacities help you converting the materials you need, in their most complete composition and shape. We offer you tailor-made support all-along your processes: This is ADDEV Added value.

Wherever innovative materials are key, we deliver converting and services.
Through our in-house concept of "Innov'ADDEV Lab", we bring you more than materials technical expertise: we invite all stakeholders to harness ideas and desires, so as to reveal shared ambitions and anticipate future needs.
Our collaborative innovation approach will enable you to be more effective, more competitive to conquer new markets.

AMES Group Sintering S.A.

Innovations in self-lubricating sintered bearings: Ames-LFC® bearings for low friction and low noise, and Ames-U4® aluminium bearings for high corrosion resistance

Ames-LFC® is the range of self-lubricating bearings produced by AMES with low friction coefficient and low noise level.
Ames-LFC® are double-layer bearings. The core is a porous iron-based material, which provides low cost and high load capacity. The layer is a low friction porous tribological material, which provides low friction (< 0.01) and low noise level (only 32-33 dBA).
Compared to typical bronze sintered bearing for the same application, the Ames-LFC® bearings provide lower cost, lower noise level, and lower friction coefficient either at the beginning of the operation or in steady-state regime.
Typical applications of the Ames-LFC bearings are:
- Equipment requiring low electrical current consumption and/or low noise.
- Equipment working in start-stop conditions, where the initial friction coefficient must be minimized.
- Equipment working with stationary shaft and rotating bearing.
Examples of applications are electric motors for automotive industry (fans, sunroofs, mirrors, starters, brakes), and domestic electric motors used in household appliances or home fittings.

Ames-U4® is a new range of self-lubricating aluminium bearings.
The main advantage of Ames-U4 ® aluminium bearings is their high corrosion resistance. They are designed to work in corrosive environments in which bronze and iron suffer oxidation. They also have a low friction coefficient, between that of bronze and iron, and weigh less than both. Their working range is within a maximum PV of 1.8 MPa·m/s and a maximum speed of 2 m/s.
Many applications use technical plastic bearings because they withstand oxidizing work environments. The Ames-U4® self-lubricating aluminium bearings are an alternative that can work in the same conditions, providing good friction performance and at the maximum permissible load.


EV 400/4000 – new 400to High-Speed-Press

ANDRITZ Kaiser presents the new 400 ton high-speed-press with table length of 4000 mm.
In the press control integrated is the lamination stacking control device. The press is equipped with 2 high speed and dynamic roll feeders.
The basic version of the press is designed for a stamping speed of 250 spm, the special high-speed-version up to 380 spm.


0.026 : 3UEW/180
for SMD Vibration Motor application

Ultra-fine overall diameter;
Very little fluctuation of electrical resistance;
High thermal grade;
High cut-through temperature;
Good flexibility;
Zero pinhole after elongation.

BTSR International S.p.a.


CWF 2000 represent a high-profitable investment for coil winding operators who will implement this solution in their factory. Every Production Manager will be able to measure the correlated FAST ‘RETURN ON INVESTMENT’ (ROI) in terms of production efficiency, cost-saving and quality improvement.
CWF2000 represents a technological revolution destined to change the ‘Game Rules’ and supply an epochal change in coil winding market technological offer as well as in the future coil winding operators’ demand.

BTSR International S.p.a.


CWF 2000 is an innovative WIRE TENSION CONTROL FEEDER which allows a whole WIRE TENSION CONTROL thus ensuring a superior coil winding quality and repeatability.
CWF2000 comes with innovative unique features and high-tech functions and REPRESENTS A DRASTIC JUMP AHEAD COMPARED WITH THE TRADITIONAL TENSION FEEDING TECHNOLOGICAL OFFER. New concept working principles such as the BTSR patented full digital dual drive System, the double closed control loop, the tension profiler function and the advance motor torque control system represent radical product innovations bringing unique benefits in terms of versatility, production efficiency quality and repeatability (It allows processing a wide wire diameter range, centralized programming and monitoring, top versatility for a constant and guaranteed tension value).

Changzhou Shenli Electrical Machine Inc. Co.

Shenli Stock Code: 603819

Listed in public stock market in Nov of 2016;
Relocated in new site in May of 2019.

Creative Global Services Inc.

More materials for Transformer

1. Polyester film tape
Provides excellent conformability and high dielectric strength per mil of thickness. Used for coil wrapping, anchoring, holding, slot edging in
transformers and motors.
2. Glass Filamanet Tape
Combination of polyester film with glass filament reinforcement delivers high tensile strength, making these tapes excellent for heavy duty bundling and insulation application
3. Polyester Non-Woven Laminates
puncture resistant, and highly conformable. They are available with acrylic adhesives for performance in Higher temperature environments.
4. Polyimide tape
It has superior dielectric strength, high temperature & chemical resistance, tear, puncture & abrasion resistant. An excellent choice for high temperature masking and electrical insulation
5. Glass cloth tape
Flexible and varnish absorbent making it ideal for application such as high temperature coil insulation wrap, harness wrapping and masking splicing.

DELO Industrial Adhesives

Structural Adhesive from DELO Offers High Temperature Stability

DELO has developed a structural adhesive that offers increased stability at high temperatures. DELO MONOPOX HT2860 achieves up to three times the strength at a temperature of 150°C compared to previous product generations.
Ideal for bonding magnets in electric motors used in cars, drilling, milling tools, washing machines, as well as in many other applications, this new adhesive has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 168°C. As a result, the elasticity (Young’s modulus) below Tg does not change significantly, allowing the adhesive to achieve a very high temperature stability with flexibility only increasing if the temperature rises above 168°C.
DELO MONOPOX HT2860 achieves a strength of 18 MPa on sand-blasted aluminum at 150°C. This is up to three times higher than standard epoxy resins.
Achieving a compression shear strength of 65 MPa on aluminum and 55 MPa on ceramics at room temperature, DELO MONOPOX HT2860 has excellent adhesion to metals, as well as to temperature-resistant plastics, ferrite compounds and ceramics.
The versatile epoxy resin can be heat-cured in an oven for 40 minutes at 150°C or by induction. Induction-curing requires metal joining partners and enables a reduction in the process time by 90%.
DELO MONOPOX HT2860 has a processing time at room temperature of four weeks before curing and an operating temperature range of -55°C to 220°C. It is suitable for bonding under high static or dynamic loads.
Technical Specifications
• Glass transition temperature (Tg) of 168°C
• Achieves a strength of 18 MPa on sand-blasted aluminum at 150°C
• Compression shear strength of 65 MPa on aluminum and 55 MPa on ceramics at room temperature
• Heat-cured in an oven for 40 minutes at 150°C or by induction
• Operating temperature range of -55°C to 220°C

ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG

Transformer cooling from ebm-papst.

Our fans for oil-cooled transformers satisfy all the requirements for demanding large transformer cooling as per EN 50216-12.

EFD Induction GmbH

The New Generation Minac

EFD Induction has always been at the forefront of technological development and with our new fully digital control system, we are prepared for the future.


Emtel Shop Online Sales

Emtel has announced its online shopping web site in 2020. You can find not only enameled magnet wire but also most popular insulation materials and tools which are mainly used in winding works.
Please visit our web site


The manufacture base of tooling for E-Car

Fusson has been inovled in the E-Car business since the very beginning of this great market, our company has already built a deep relationship with Auto customers as tier one supplier or tier two supplier.with our high level knowhows and manufacturing skills, our company keep to provide the best products and has taken a leading position in the related fields in China.We are trying to our best to provide the high-quality,long-term and stable service to our customers.we had already built a deep relationship with Geely and manufactory the double-row large-rotary progressive die for motors of E-Car.
size of the iron-core:Φ220 length:2480 precision level:<0.003mm

Hangzhou Hoin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

HOIN developed new type winding machine for automobile hub motor
coil winding machine

Multi strand precision wire winding arrangement

Hauler & Hermann GmbH

Environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

In addition to our existing certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 we now also received the environmental certificate according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

Huatai Xinding Metal Materials (Atechmagnet)

Meet us in Chicago!

We will be exhibiting at Coil Winding Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition 2020 in Chicago, Sept. 23rd-24th, Hall A, Booth No. B12, to present our company and latest products. We are dedicated to provide the best magnetic solutions! We sincerely hope to see you and to discuss fascinating ideas with you!